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How to Order

Be sure to specify the following when applicable:

(1) Specify Zeals by customer order number.  (See Zeal Numbering System).


Customer order number M615-03SS Zeal.
Above customer order number designates a type M (metal diaphragm) large Zeal. It is a Style 15, threaded and is a cleanout type with a 1/4" NPT instrument connection and a 1/2" NPT process connection. The diaphragm material is 316 Stainless Steel and the process flange material is 316 Stainless Steel.


Customer order number T530-21TL Zeal.
Above customer order number designates a Type T (Teflon diaphragm) small Zeal. It is a Style 30, flange attached and is a cleanout type with a 1/4" NPT instrument connection and is a 1" pipe size and has a pressure rating of 150 lbs. The diaphragm material is Teflon and the adapter ring is Teflon coated.

(2) Specify Capillary tubing by catalog number and length required.


Catalog number T5582 Armored Capillary Assembly - 10 Feet Long.
Above catalog number designates an armor covered capillary tubing assembly with a 1/4" NPT male fitting on one end and a 1/2" NPT male fitting on the other end. The overall length is 10 feet long.

(3) Specify Miscellaneous Parts by catalog number. (Catalog number is the same as part number).


Catalog number T6403T Diaphragm.
Above catalog number designates a large cleanout type diaphragm. The material of the diaphragm is Teflon. (See Material Code Letter Chart.)

(4) Liquid Fill - (Needed when we are required to liquid fill pressure instruments.) Specify liquid fill fluid by name (i.e. Halocarbon Oil). See price list for standard fluids available.

(5) Instrument Data - (Needed only when we are to supply the instrument.) Be sure to be clear in giving the specifications and descriptions of the instrument to avoid error in procurement.

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