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  • DIAPHRAGM - Made of Teflon for greatest compatibility with practically all chemicals.
  • GREATER ACCURACY - The Teflon diaphragm is more sensitive than a metal diaphragm, with increased displacement due to greater flexibility and elasticity. The Type T, Series 6, Zeal is the most sensitive quality Diaphragm Seal available.
  • SIMPLIFIED LIQUID FILLING OPERATION  - Highly efficient vacuum pump is not necessary; highly skilled technician not required; faster; less costly.
  • LESS TEMPERATURE ERROR - More sensitive diaphragm reduces error due to expansion of liquid fill; less back pressure. 


  • SPECIAL PATENTED FEATURE - A patented feature of the metal diaphragm, used in the Type W and Type M Zeal, is the addition of spoke corrugations to the radial corrugations. The spoke corrugations reduce hoop stress in the metal thus enabling the metal diaphragm to flex more readily and allow more displacement of the liquid fill fluid. This patented feature allows our Diaphragm Seal to have more displacement that other manufacturers and therefore is more sensitive.
  • PATENTED SNAP-IN DIAPHRAGM - Eliminates the need for a costly machined diaphragm clamping ring (wetted part) to retain the diaphragm; lowers cost.
  • SEALING - Ingenious O-ring gasketing of the diaphragm insures minimal possibility of leakage of the liquid fill fluid when properly installed, operated and maintained.
  • SIMPLIFIED ASSEMBLY - Flanges of all Zeals, except the flanged type, are bolted solidly together, face-to-face, by four bolts; no skill or special tools required to tighten bolts.
  • IMPOSSIBLE TO CRUSH GASKET - Flange is recessed for gasket; flanges squeeze gasket, do not tighten on gasket.
  • FLANGES BOLT UP EASIER  - Flanges bolt up metal-to-metal; flanges bolt up directly under bolt heads; no guesswork required to tighten bolts; no "feel" required; quicker, easier, flanges remain parallel.
  • SELF-ENERGIZED GASKET - Process pressure is used to pressure load the process gasket surface; the greater the process pressure, the greater the sealing pressure.
  • GASKET PRESSURE IS CONSTANT - When flanges separate slightly from stretch of bolts, due to high pressure, the process flange gasket pressure on sealing surfaces remains constant thus preventing leakage.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Except for styles 10 or 11, all Zeals can be disassembled at the flanges and reassembled many times; simple, quick, no loss of liquid fill.

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